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Budget & Taxes


Our country is in dire financial straits, and out of control spending under the Obama Administration has added trillions of dollars to the deficit.  A balanced budget is the only way for us to avoid a debt crisis, give businesses the certainty they need so they can plan, invest, and give families peace of mind.

From the time I entered Congress in 2001, I have firmly believed that no nation has ever taxed itself to prosperity and Congress must set policies that keep our economy competitive. Hard working Americans know how to manage, save, and spend their money better than faceless bureaucrats continually spending and wasting those dollars. I am focused on keeping more money in the pockets of working Americans instead of sending those hard-earned dollars to Washington.

  • DC has a Spending Problem: Unfortunately, while House Republicans have worked hard to provide leadership and real solutions to our nation’s economic and fiscal challenges, President Obama and Senate Democrats have refused to address the problem of spending that will only lead us further into national debt. Congress must address the spending problem in DC. It cannot be ignored and denied any longer.
  • Obamacare is Killing Small Business: Americans need health care reform that will lower costs for families without growing the size of government and without placing undue burden on American businesses. Congress must start over with a system that contains costs, preserves patient choice, and maintains the high quality of care unmatched around the world.
  • Taxes kill a Vibrant Economy:  Across the board, on issues such as "Cap and Trade" legislation, commonly known as national energy tax, to federal budgets proposing the largest tax increases in history, to bloated "stimulus" plans that fail to create jobs while expanding federal bureaucracies, Democrats are simply spending too much, taxing too much, and borrowing too much. The tax burden on the American citizen MUST be lowered if we are serious about growing the economy.
  • Social Security and Medicare must be Protected: The Social Security Board of Trustees estimates that by approximately 2042 the Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted.  Extending the life of Social Security indefinitely should be a forefront issue for every public policy maker.  I believe it is irresponsible not to take action to prevent these alarming estimates from becoming intolerable facts.  I welcome this debate and look forward to an honest discussion of ideas about how we may strengthen and improve this vital program for the future so it is there for our children and grandchildren.