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Shuster Votes for Fairness for Hardworking Families

House Passes Obamacare Mandate Delay Legislation

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster voted today for two pieces of legislation that will give hardworking families the same relief from Obamacare that the Administration gave to businesses.  Shuster voted for H.R. 2668, The Fairness for American Families Act, which will delay the individual mandate for one year and H.R.  2667, The Authority for Mandate Delay Act, which delays the employer mandate for one year by law.

“As we get closer to the October 1 roll out of Obamacare’s federal exchanges, it has become painfully obvious that neither the Administration nor the American people are prepared to deal with its onerous mandates and penalties.  President Obama even admitted as much when he said he would not implement the law’s employer mandate for another year. 

While I certainly agree that the employer mandate is a recipe for disaster, Congress passes the laws, and the President cannot just decide to disregard the law at his political convenience.   That is why I joined my colleagues in the House today in passing legislation to properly delay the employer mandate and provide the same relief to hardworking Americans.  The two bills passed today will delay both the employer mandate and individual mandate for one year.  While I welcome this much needed delay, I continue to oppose Obamacare in its entirety and will continue to fight to repeal the entire law permanently.”