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Energy & Environment

Our Energy Problem
As a nation, we are faced with a dangerous dependence on foreign sources of oil to meet our increasing energy demand. Our energy market continues to be held hostage to price spikes governed by a cartel of nations whose interests run in opposition to our own. At the same time, our own domestic oil production and refining capacity remains hampered by overregulation and outdated laws that strangle our own domestic energy industry. We can no longer be dependent on our enemies and competitors for energy. We must take control of our energy future.
All-of-the-Above Energy Plan

Rather than placing a huge energy tax on American families and restricting our energy development, I support an all-of-the-above comprehensive energy plan to reach our energy goals.
  • Domestic Exploration- We must take advantage of our rich natural resources by opening the Outer Continental Shelf and ANWR to drilling, which can be done while protecting the environment.
  • Coal- Pennsylvania is the nation's fourth largest coal producer and sits upon tremendous coal reserves that could be used to create a thriving coal-to-liquid-fuel (CTL) industry. We must promote the use of our vast coal reserves by providing tax credits for the development of coal to liquid fuel technology and projects.
  • Nuclear Energy- Nuclear energy provides an additional opportunity to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and is critical for our energy future. We must expand our nuclear capability by bringing new nuclear plants online.
  • Alternative Sources- We must invest in renewable and alternative fuels like ethanol, biodiesel and hydrogen. We need to encourage and support innovative approaches to energy production.
  •  Conservation- Conservation is something each and every one of us can do every day to make an impact on our energy demand. Congress should act to make energy conservation attractive for individuals as well as corporations through economic incentives.
I believe that an all-of-the-above energy approach has the most potential for reducing our dependence on foreign oil and increasing our supply of affordable, cleaner energy while protecting our jobs at home.