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Flag Requests

If you would like to have a flag flown above the Capitol Building, you may order one from my office. A certificate is printed by the Architect of the Capitol for every flag that is flown, so if it is being flown in honor of a special occasion you may include an excerpt that you would like the certificate to read. In addition, you may request a specific day on which you would like the flag to be flown.

To order a flag from my office, please use our Online Payment System. Due to the delayed mail delivery in the Capitol, if you are mailing a check please send it to my Hollidaysburg office to ensure you receive your flag in a timely manner. Checks should be made payable to Congressman Bill Shuster's Stationary Account.

Please note that my office will no longer be accepting flag requests as of November 6, 2018. Please reach out to Senator Toomey or Senator Casey's office if you wish to request a flag at that time.