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Shuster Votes to Cut Spending by Over $100 Billion

Shuster Votes to Cut Spending by Over $100 Billion
Continuing Resolution Funds Government Responsibly


Washington, DC – Congressman Bill Shuster voted in favor of legislation to provide funding for the federal government to continue operating through the remainder of the current fiscal year, while at the time cut spending by over $100 billion, the largest single spending cut in history.

“Early this morning, the House of Representatives voted to pass a Continuing Resolution that recognizes it is time for Congress to stop digging America deeper into debt. By cutting spending by over $100 billion dollars, House Republicans have delivered on their promise to put an end to reckless spending and roll back the size and scope of intrusive government.

Unlike previous funding bills that were brought to a vote with little debate and no amendment, Speaker Boehner made sure this CR was considered fairly and openly. The House debated 159 amendments during more than 65 hours of public, transparent debate.  No Member of any party was locked out of the process and regular order was restored in the House.”

In addition to voting for the Continuing Resolution, Congressman Shuster voted to approve a number of amendments important to his constituents in the 9th District. Shuster voted to remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Shuster voted for an amendment to block funding for the implementation of President Obama’s health care law.  He also voted to remove funding for the President’s numerous unelected czars.