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Shuster Recognizes Chambersburg's Generosity to Sister City in Japan

Shuster Recognizes Chambersburg’s Generosity to Sister City in Japan

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Shuster entered remarks in the Congressional Record today recognizing Mayor Lagiovane and the people of Chambersburg, PA on their generous offer of assistance to its Japanese sister city Gotemba.  The text of Shuster’s extension of remarks follows:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the people of the City of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. They well deserve recognition for their generous and humane extension of a helping hand to their sister city, Gotemba, Japan.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Japan who are coping with the aftermath of a truly tragic disaster. We stand in support of our friends and allies in Japan who are doing everything they can to recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

In my district, the Mayor of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Pete Lagiovane, announced this week that his city will offer assistance to their sister city in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan.  While fortunately the people of Gotemba were not as severely impacted as those in the northeast part of Japan, they are dealing with heavy hearts for their friends, families, and countrymen as well as serious disruptions to their power supply and transportation system.

Mayor Lagiovane has offered assistance in a joint effort to assist Gotemba in providing relief to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.  He put forward the idea of starting a local relief fund with the proceeds going to Gotemba to disburse as they see fit.

Chambersburg and Gotemba have been sister cities for 50 years.  Their relationship started when a Japanese student at Penn Hall and Wilson College returned home after World War II.  The student wanted to maintain a bond with Chambersburg, so she and her son came back and conducted several meetings with the city council and established a sister city relationship in 1960.  The two cities have exchanged visits every 5 years since then.

The spirit of sisterhood and love between these two cities – separated by thousands of miles and a vast ocean – encapsulate the attitude we should all have toward our fellow man.  I commend Chambersburg for their selfless attitude and generosity.