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Shuster Congratulates Bedford Area Ambulance Service on their Fire Grant

Shuster Congratulates Bedford Area Ambulance Service on their Fire Grant    

Washington, DC – Congressman Bill Shuster is pleased to announce that Bedford Area Ambulance Service has been awarded a DHS Operational and Safety Fire Grant in the amount of $101,949.  

The ambulance service will use the grant funding to purchase a SimMan training mannequin to help its personnel better prepare to respond to a full range of medical situations. The SimMan is a portable patient simulator with realistic anatomy and clinical functionality to simulate different emergency scenarios for first responders.  

“This is great news for Bedford Area Ambulance Service and the people its members serve,” Shuster said. “I am pleased the service has been successful in applying for federal grant funds.”

“This will greatly enhance our ability to provide realistic training to our staff and those in surrounding areas,” said Justin Keel, Medical Manager of Bedford Area Ambulance Service.  “We would like to thank Congressman Shuster and DHS for the opportunity to provide this type of training.  Without this grant funding we would not be able to afford this type of equipment.”