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Shuster Statement on One Year Anniversary of Obamacare

Shuster Statement on One Year Anniversary of Obamacare    

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Shuster released the following statement on the one year anniversary of Obamacare:

“One year ago today, President Obama signed his health care reform plan into law.  The law’s enactment followed a series of parliamentary tricks and strong-arm tactics to pass the legislation in Congress and a tumultuous debate among the American people who in large numbers opposed the Democrats’ health care takeover.        

A year later, polls show that the popularity of the President’s health care reform remains lacking despite the White House’s repeated attempts to re-brand and gloss over what is in reality a $2.6 trillion government takeover of America’s health care system.  

Obamacare failed to hold up to its promises. House Republicans remain on the side of the American people who support its repeal.  To date, I along with my colleagues in the House have passed legislation to repeal the law as well as to strip Obamacare of its anti-business 1099 requirement.  We will continue to work to strip Obamacare of its funding and chip away at the law’s foundations and replace it with real market-based reforms to improve America’s health care system.”

Today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner released a joint editorial explaining Obamacare’s many failures.  The editorial can be read online here.