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House Republicans Step in to Fill Vacuum of Leadership on Debt Limit, Balanced Budget

Washington, DC – Congressman Bill Shuster issued the following statement in advance of tomorrow’s scheduled vote in the House to pass the Republican “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan to address the debt ceiling and place limits on federal spending.   

“Tomorrow, House Republicans will call a vote on a commonsense plan to cut and cap federal spending and force the federal government to balance its books through a Constitutional balanced budget amendment.  

The House will act while President Obama continues to twist in the wind on the debt limit.  He avoids offering any concrete plan of his own to address our debt crisis in a fiscally responsible manner and continues to prefer empty rhetoric over strong leadership. The President’s unwillingness to act to avoid a default on our debt was made all the more apparent today in the veto threat he issued against the Cut, Cap and Balance plan.

Tomorrow’s vote will make it clear to the American people that the impediment to solving our debt crisis is not found in the House of Representatives, but in the West Wing and the President’s own unwillingness to show courage and leadership to reign in the monstrous debt he had a large part in creating.  

The time has come to act. Veto threats, scare tactics on Social Security and empty words will not avoid a default in our debt. Fiscal restraint, balanced budgeting and smaller government will.”