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House Rejects Flawed Senate Debt Bill

Reid Plan a Blank Check, Disastrous for America’s Military

Washington, DC – Today, the House rejected Senator Harry Reid’s plan on the debt limit.  Congressman Bill Shuster issued the following statement after the vote:

“Today, the House rejected Senator Reid’s plan on the debt ceiling because it fails to cut real spending and would give the President a $2.4 trillion blank check to spend America back up to the limit, conveniently right after the 2012 election.

The American people are fed up with budget gimmicks and tricks that make it look like Washington is cutting spending when those cuts are nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  You can’t invent spending, decide to cut it and call it a real savings.  Yet Senator Reid’s plan contains more than $1 trillion in imaginary “savings” from war spending that has never been written into law, no one has ever asked for, and no one plans to spend.  

Worse, instead of dealing with the impending entitlement crisis facing our nation, the Reid plan ignores reform in favor of $868 billion in defense cuts that will impact our troops while they are engaged in two wars. These cuts would ‘break our military’ in the words of Rep. Buck McKeon, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

The Reid plan fails on all accounts.  It fails to cut more than it spends, it is built upon a foundation of sham spending cuts and gimmicks and it fails to include a vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  For these reasons I voted against the plan.”