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Shuster Supports Agreement to Cut Spending, End Debt Crisis

Washington, DC – Congressman Bill Shuster issued the following statement today on voting in favor of legislation agreed to by House and Senate leaders to prevent a default on the national debt and change the culture of spending in Washington:  

“After weeks of intense negotiations and impassioned debate, a bipartisan agreement has been reached to cut spending and prevent the United States from defaulting on our debt.  

This agreement, while in no way perfect, is a milestone in the fight for smaller, more responsible government. This legislation has reshaped the debate in Washington regarding out of control spending, helps put our nation on a more fiscally responsible path, and has finally brought the dangerous implications of our growing debt to the forefront of national debate.

My Republican colleagues and I control just one half of one third of our government, yet our guiding principles have defined the debate on the debt limit. I am proud that this agreement adheres to the principals I have supported throughout this debate – that Congress must cut spending more than we increase the debt limit; there should be no new taxes; and we should advance our commitment to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

Although this plan contains the largest cuts in spending in 15 years, it is a start, not the end.  Much more needs to be done to reign in the Leviathan our government has become. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues and my constituents on changing the culture of spending in Washington.”