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Shuster Discusses National Issues with Constituents

Telephone Town Halls Engage over 26,000 People Across District

Washington, DC – Over the course of the week, Congressman Bill Shuster held two telephone town halls that connected with over 111,000 households in the 9th District and attracted over 26,000 active participants on a variety of issues.

“I consider my first and foremost role as an elected official is to be the customer service representative for the people of the 9th district in Congress,  Telephone town hall technology is a perfect way to do that important aspect of my job.”

“Over the course of an hour I can speak to thousands of people across the district and answer their questions live over the air.  I can be in Indiana, Franklin and everywhere in between instantly,” Shuster added.

On Monday evening, Shuster held a general issue telephone town hall that attracted over 10,000 participants over the course of an hour. Shuster answered constituent questions on the budget, job creation, health care and the economy. On Thursday, Shuster held a town hall specifically designed to help seniors with their questions about Social Security and Medicare.  During that call Shuster was joined by representatives from the Social Security Administration and PACE in addition to the nearly 17,000 seniors who actively participated on the call.

“The participation rate for these calls has been tremendous, especially on the call for seniors which drew an amazing audience,” Shuster said.  “The ability to have experts on hand to answer questions was a great asset and I reached many more people than could be possible with a physical town hall on the same subject.”