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Shuster Statement on Passage of the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act

Washington, DC – Congressman Bill Shuster issued the following statement after the House passed the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act.

“One of the best ways Congress can encourage the private sector to invest and add jobs is to create certainty in the regulatory environment. Government cannot promote job creation on one hand while it punishes job creators with burdensome regulations and punitive mandates on the other.

NLRB’s attack on Boeing’s expansion into South Carolina had a chilling effect on the private sector.  Instead of welcoming an expansion of our manufacturing base and new American jobs, this Administration has attacked Boeing for moving to a right-to-work state.  This is no way to nurture an economic recovery and only further encourages the private sector to move jobs overseas.                  

Today’s vote will prevent the National Labor Relations Board from forcing any company to relocate, shut down operations or transfer employment in any circumstance. By doing this, House Republicans have moved boldly to protect American jobs and increase opportunities for American families."