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Shuster Announces $148,800 Grant to the J.C. Memorial Hospital Access Road Improvements

Washington, D.C.Congressman Bill Shuster is pleased to announce that the Appalachian Regional Commission approved $148,000 for Huntingdon Borough to reconstruct an access road to J.C. Memorial Hospital.

The ARC funds will be used to reconstruct approximately 394 feet of Bryan Street accessing to the hospital. The project will include reconstruction of the road base, resurfacing the road and improving the storm water drainage located in the right of way of the road.

“This is great news for the J.C. Memorial Hospital and the people they help every day,” Shuster said. “The road will provide much improved access to the hospital for patients and the emergency vehicles.”

It is estimated that the road will aid over 500 workers going to the hospital everyday and the surrounding businesses.

“Over 18,000 people use the J.C. Memorial Hospital every year and these improvements to Bryan Street will make their visits that much easier, and perhaps provide a small added comfort,” said Shuster.

“Thousands of Pennsylvanians rely on J.C. Memorial Hospital for their health care; and these funds from the ARC will help make it easier for emergency vehicles and patients to get there,” said Governor Tom Corbett, a member of the ARC. “The ARC provides funds for projects that create thousands of new jobs, improve local water and sewer systems, expand access to health care, and assist local communities making them better places to live. This project is just one more example of that.”

PennDOT will administer the project and the Federal Highway Administration will serve as the basic federal agency for the project. In addition to the ARC funds, the Huntingdon Borough will provide $39,400 to the project, bringing the total estimated cost to $188,200.