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Shuster: Infrastructure reforms are vital to ensure tax payer dollars are spent more effectively

WashingtonAs Congressman Bill Shuster enters the opening meeting today between the House and Senate Conferees on the reauthorization of the Transportation Bill, he will be taking with him his message to ensure key infrastructure reforms are put in place, programs are responsibly paid for, and that the Keystone pipeline moves forward to create American jobs.

"Transportation is critical to our nation’s competiveness and key infrastructure reforms are vital to ensure that taxpayer dollars are focused on infrastructure and are spent more effectively and efficiently.”

“In addition, the Keystone pipeline would create some 20,000 jobs immediately and up approximately 100,000 indirect jobs. Keystone is an important component of the Republicans ‘all of the above’ energy strategy.”

“It’s time for the Senate and President Obama to get government out of the way and to get serious about expanding American energy production, creating jobs, and addressing high energy prices.”

“We must take this opportunity to fulfill our Constitutional obligation to set a new course for America and put our nation’s infrastructure programs on the road to reform and our economy back on track. Making government less burdensome with a more appropriate federal role is the right place to start.”