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Highridge Water Authority Receives $70,000 to Fund Waterline Extension Project

Washington D.C. Congressman Bill Shuster is pleased to announce that Highridge Water Authority will receive $70,000 in Army Corps of Engineers funding to help pay for its waterline extension project in Brush Valley Township.

This funding is vital to critical improvements to the water supply system in an area that has suffered for years from poor quality and inadequate supply from ground water sources. Congressman Shuster previously secured $250,000 in March of 2012 to assist with this waterline extension project.

“I am very pleased to have been able to successful in directing this Army Corps of Engineers funding to Highridge,” said Shuster. “This money will help serve even more homes than previously thought possible. Reliable water systems are essential for economic development and a better quality of life for residents in rural areas.”

“Another $70,000 will enable us to look at providing service to several adjoining private roads in the township, like Evans Lane that will probably encompass half a dozen homes,” said Highridge’s Executive Director George E. Sulkosky. “Projects like these don’t get done without the federal dollars and help from those like Representative Shuster.”