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Shuster Votes for "No Budget, No Pay"

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster voted for the No Budget, No Pay Act, which requires that the House and Senate adopt budget resolutions for Fiscal Year 2014 or they will not be paid.

“This bill will require the House and Senate to each pass a budget resolution. If they don’t, then members won’t get paid,” said Shuster. “The House passes a budget every year, but the Senate hasn’t passed one in four years. It is time for the Senate to start working for the people, if they can’t do that, they shouldn’t get a paycheck.”

The House and Senate must pass a budget by April 15, 2013 or their pay will be put in an escrow account starting on April 16 and continue until that body adopts a budget. Withheld pay will be released when a budget is adopted or at the end of the current Congress.

This legislation will also suspend the debt limit till May 19th to allow Treasury to complete and make timely payments for the obligations of the United States Government. In allowing the suspension, the House required Congress to fulfill their constitutional duty and put forth their spending plan.

“House Republicans have chosen to act in a responsible way to prevent the country from defaulting on our debt, which would have significant economic consequences. We can’t continue down this road to increasing debt,” said Shuster. “House Republicans have brought real suggestions and spending reforms to the table. We expect Senate Democrats to do the same.”