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Shuster Meets with Franklin & Fulton Co. Boards

Officials Discuss Local and National Issues

Washington – Today Congressman Bill Shuster met with local boards from Franklin and Fulton County to provide them with a Washington update and hear from them on what issues they are facing back in the Ninth District.

"As the Congressman for the 9th District, it’s important for me to listen to what local officials are dealing with on a daily basis. The district is where the rubber meets the road and local officials have to deal with issues every day that concern the federal government. I am here at their disposal to listen to those issues and see how I can best assist them with the resources of the federal government,” said Shuster.

“I was very appreciative of the Congressman taking the time to hear our concerns. We spoke about human services reform, transportation issues and found him to be very attentive. The people of the county should be very proud that Congressman Shuster is the new Chairman of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, this is a big plum for Pennsylvania and more importantly, our district,” said Bob Thomas, Franklin County Commissioner.