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Shuster Statement in Response to the President's State of the Union

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster issued the following statement in response to the President’s State of the Union Address:

“The past four years have brought record unemployment, out of control spending, trillions added to our national debt and a failing economy. President Obama can’t seem to understand that spending our way out of this dismal recession is not the solution. Tonight he said exactly what I expected to hear: more spending and no cuts.

His only proposals are plans for more tax increases and more spending.  He has no real plan to help struggling middle class families. The President spoke about rebuilding America and reinvesting in our country, but has no way to pay for it.

Democrats in Washington refuse to believe that we have a spending problem. They need to get serious and work with Republicans on spending reforms. Our country needs real entitlement reform, to control spending, and to create jobs.

President Obama needs to reach across the aisle and work with Republican leadership. We are ready for a plan to get back to a robust economy; but that won’t start with more taxes.”