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Shuster Votes to Avert a Government Shutdown

Washington - Today the House passed the Continuing Resolution to prevent a government shutdown and continue government operations until the end of the fiscal year on September 30, 2013.

“The Continuing Resolution will avoid a government shut down and continue to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year,” said Shuster. “Passing this legislation today gives the Senate ample time to act on this proposal and avert another fiscal crisis.”

This legislation also includes a full-year Defense Appropriations bill, as well as a full-year Military Construction/Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill. The CR will extend funding for other government agencies at last year’s levels, but the funding is subject to sequestration cuts.

“The secretaries of the Defense Department and Veteran Affairs Department told us the best thing we could do in light of sequestration was give them the ability to manage their funds, this bill does that. This will give them the flexibility to spend money and move money the best way possible in areas that make sense.

The CR is the best way to keep in place essential funding and maintain our national security. The House has voted twice to replace the President’s sequester with more responsible spending cuts. It’s time for the President to come off the campaign trail and to start putting pressure on his own party in the Senate to pass a solution. Continuing down this path is not an option. We need serious, thoughtful spending cuts and reforms to ballooning entitlement programs,” said Shuster.