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Shuster Votes for Certainty, America's Future

House Passes Budget, Puts Country on Road to Fiscal Sanity

WashingtonToday Congressman Bill Shuster voted for and the House of Representatives passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s Budget for FY2014, “Path to Prosperity, A Responsible Balanced Budget.” The House Budget provides a responsible plan that reduces deficits by $4.6 trillion and balances the budget over the next ten years. It calls for fundamental tax reform, which will remove special-interest loopholes, lower tax rates and create more jobs.

“A balanced budget is the only way for us to avoid a debt crisis, giving businesses the certainty they need so they can plan, invest and give families peace of mind. The time for following a president who refuses to lead and doesn’t understand the concept of a balanced budget has come to an end.

It targets wasteful spending and stops spending money that we don’t have. This budget proposal fulfills the promises House Republicans made to the American people to cut spending and end business-as-usual in Washington. By tackling the debt, this budget will help grow our economy today and ensure the next generation inherits a stronger, more prosperous America,” said Shuster.