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Shuster: Who knows what the crazy guy is going to do?

Washington – According to this morning’s New York Times, “A new assessment by the Pentagon’s intelligence arm has concluded for the first time, with ‘moderate confidence,’ that North Korea has learned how to make a nuclear weapon small enough to be delivered by a ballistic missile.”  Congressman Bill Shuster questioned Secretary Defense Chuck Hagel at yesterday’s House Armed Services hearing about the DoD mishandling the funds that deal with missile defense at such a critical time during international instability.

“We're going down a path here towards North Korea. Everybody's seen the news. Who knows what the crazy guy is going to do? We've got to make sure we're beefing up our missile system. And the president's budget cuts it by, $550 million. This is irresponsible,” Shuster remarked to Secretary Hagel.

National security analysts have predicted that at any moment North Korea is going to fire off yet another test missile that can reach Japan, South Korea and almost as far as Guam.There is even more concern about another missile, named the KN-08, which may have significantly longer range. Now is not the time for the United States to cut its missile defense program as ountries across the region and around the globe ramp up their missile systems.

Watch the exchange here between Shuster and Hagel on this critical funding for our missile defense.