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Shuster Advances Keystone Pipeline Legislation Out of Committee

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster, Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, oversaw the markup of H.R. 3, The Northern Approval Act, which approves the plan for the Keystone Pipeline. It will allow it now move to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote.

“The building of the Keystone Pipeline will create jobs, improve the nation’s economy, strengthen our transportation system, and help improve our economic security,” said Shuster.

“This project has been fully vetted, and TransCanada has revised its plans to ensure it is built in a way that does not disturb sensitive environmental areas such as the Nebraska Sand Hills.

The Administration has had enough time, one can only assume that the reason the President has not approved this project is politics. The studies have been done and this project checks out.  It’s time to let this project proceed.  The majority of Americans know this is the right thing to do, so Congress needs to finally move this project forward and we will.”

Pipelines are the energy lifelines that power nearly all of our daily activities.  They are the safest and most cost-effect means to transport the products that fuel our economy.  In fact, pipelines supply more than two-thirds of the energy used in the United States.  The Keystone XL project will be a critical addition to this extensive network, increasing our nation’s supply of oil and thus helping to reduce the cost of oil.