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Shuster Takes on the IRS & Obamacare

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster introduced H.R. 2125, the NO IRS Implementation of Obamacare Act. The IRS violated the public trust and cannot be relied on to implement Obamacare.  This bill will block the funding for Obamacare and prevents the IRS from enforcing Obamacare.

“This blatant breach of the public’s trust and misuse of taxpayer money runs counter to the core function of the IRS to collect taxes from U.S. citizens regardless of their political affiliations. We cannot allow an agency that has politically targeted Americans to have access to private healthcare information and responsibility for determining the healthcare of millions of people,” said Shuster.

Between March 2010 and May 2012, the IRS engaged in specific targeting of conservative groups that submitted 501(c) 4 applications. IRS employees searched terms such as “patriots” and “tea party” and purposefully singled out these small-government organizations for additional scrutiny and delay.

“Constituents in my own district say they were targeted, asked for additional information not needed in the application, and that their application was greatly delayed. This is not acceptable. No person should have to worry about the government singling them out, looking at their medical records and deciding for some biased, political reason that they cannot have the medical care they deserve,” said Shuster.

The IRS is responsible for implementing the tax increases of Obamacare and will make the final decisions of who is eligible for subsidies after sharing taxpayer information with the Department of Health and Human Services.  Sarah Hall Ingram, the IRS official now leading the division overseeing Obamacare, was the person overseeing the tax-exempt division where the political targets took place.

“A healthy democracy is one where people feel free to express their views, not one where federal agencies discriminate based on political beliefs,” Shuster added.