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Shuster Holds Conference Call with Local Business Leaders on Latest Transportation News

Washington - Today Congressman Bill Shuster, Chairman of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, spoke with local business leaders from the Blair County Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee to provide them with the latest information regarding transportation issues moving through his committee over the next two years.

“Local business leaders are just as invested in the national transportation plan as we are here in Washington.  These people are the ones who have to work with what laws are enacted and so it is very important for me to have their input on how these policies will affect them back home,” said Shuster.

“The members of the Blair Chamber understand the important role transportation plays in our economic development and job growth, and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me today to update them on the work going on at the federal level,” Shuster added.

“As a very active transportation committee, it’s extremely important to us to be at the forefront of helping the members of our organization know more and keep up with transportation news at the federal level. Congressman Shuster has done an outstanding job of making himself available to us as we look for better ways to keep our members informed of legislation that really impacts not only our business community, but our community in general,” said Joe Hurd, President and CEO of Blair County Chamber of Commerce.