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Shuster Congratulates Congressional Art Competition Winner

Sarah Stauffer of Indiana Area Senior High School Wins for the 9th District

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster is pleased to announce the winner of the 2013 Congressional Art Competition. This year’s winner is Sarah Stauffer, a student at Indiana Area Senior High School.  Sarah won for her beautiful pencil work titled, “Always With US,” which showcases the rich heritage of the district through its people.

“I want to congratulate Sarah for her talent and beautiful piece of art,” Shuster said. “Her depiction of our district’s heritage through the area’s evolving generations will convey to Capitol visitors the rich, complex history of Central Pennsylvania.  Her artwork will proudly represent the 9th district in the Congressional Art Competition.”

The piece of art depicts an arrowhead in the upper left hand corner that morphs into the Keystone symbol. It also portrays an Iroquois Native American, a coal miner and a railroad worker; emerging from the tree line is a Marcellus Shale oil derrick. 

The artwork will be displayed in the tunnel connecting the Cannon House Office Building to the Capitol building for a year.  It will hang with the winners from all the other congressional districts across the country.


First photo: Congressman Bill Shuster with Ninth District winner, Sarah Stauffer of Indiana Area Senior High School.

Second photo: Her award winning artwork, “Always with US.”