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Shuster Tours Target Distribution Center, Speaks with Team Members

Chambersburg – Congressman Bill Shuster visited Target Distribution Center in Chambersburg Tuesday afternoon. He toured the facility and spoke with team members about the latest policy updates in Washington and other federal concerns.

“Today I had the opportunity to tour the Target Distribution Center in Chambersburg and met with many workers as we went through the facility.  I greatly value the time I have to speak with folks on the ground back in the district and hear what their concerns and needs are,” sad Shuster.

“Target welcomes opportunities to share more about our business and operations, and we were pleased to provide Congressman Shuster a firsthand look at our distribution center,” said Kelly Szatkowski, general manager of Target’s Chambersburg distribution center. “We also appreciated the chance to discuss the complexities of our supply chain with the Congressman, given his role as the Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.”

The Chambersburg Distribution Center employs about 500 team members. The regional distribution center services 71 stores in 3 states and is responsible for shipping trailer loads of product to stores in their area. At all regional distribution centers, trailers come in from vendors, small parcel shipments, or Import Warehouses, and send out trailers to stores.