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Obama's War on Coal Puts 380 Pennsylvanians Out of Work

Washington – FirstEnergy Corp announced today that is will shut down two coal-fired plants located in western Pennsylvania by October 9, 2013, putting 380 workers out of work.  Congressman Bill Shuster says President Obama’s policies are out of touch and destroying American workers and our economy.

“Hard working coal miners in Pennsylvania are losing their jobs because the Obama Administration continues to regulate the industry to death. These closures come after President Obama’s climate speech in Washington announcing further action by the EPA to circumvent Congress and place unattainable requirements on coal fired power plants.

The EPA under President Obama’s leadership continues to overstep its bounds and create regulations with no regard for either the Constitution or our energy security and is essentially legislating coal workers out of jobs.

FirstEnergy has publicly stated these plant shut downs are due to the outrageous cost of ‘compliance with current and future environmental regulations.’  It is time for President Obama to recognize that coal is affordable, plentiful and environmentally sound with responsible companies like FirstEnergy leading the industry.

House Republicans have repeatedly voted to put an end to these overreaching regulations and stop this war on coal. I will continue to fight the Obama administration and do my best to protect miners and their families.”

The plants scheduled to close are Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station in Masontown and Mitchell Power Station in Courtney.