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Shuster Delivers the Beef

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster has been accused of delivering “the pork” to the Ninth District, but Friday afternoon he delivered the beef to the Claysburg Area Food Pantry.  The congressman purchased a steer this past week at the Somerset County Fair and is donating all of the meat to the Food Pantry.

“I read a story in the local paper this week that talked about the dire straits that the Claysburg Food Bank is in financially and knew that I had to take action.  The downturned economy has hit families hard across our region and the local charities they rely on.  As a community we need to come together and support each other to make it through these difficult times,” said Shuster.

"On behalf of the 429 households currently being served by the Claysburg Area Food Pantry, we would like to thank Congressman Shuster for his generous gift of over 500 pounds of beef!  Congressman Shuster has provided a much needed donation, at a time when our numbers of clients, (especially young families with children), are increasing.  Our ultimate goal, is that not one person in our area is without food, and this donation, is a grand indication of the congressman's concern for the citizens of the area, and the welfare of those who are experiencing difficult times," said Pastor Jim Neatrour with the Claysburg Area Food Pantry.

The steer has been butchered into ground beef and split up into one-pound packets for distribution, it will generate 550 pounds of meat. The Congressman purchased the 1,210-pound steer from 10-year-old Tucker Patrick of Berlin.

“I am just hopeful that my donation will spur others to take action,” Shuster added.