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Shuster to Vote NO on Syria

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster released the following statement in regards to the United States moving forward with a punitive military strike against Syria.

“There is no greater decision an elected official can make than whether or not to send our armed forces into conflict.  As the representative of the 9th District of Pennsylvania to the US House of Representatives, it is my duty to make decisions on national security based on what is in the national interests of the United States of America.

After numerous briefings from national security experts and members of the President’s national security team, including the Secretaries of State and Defense, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs, and the Director of National Security, along with an outpouring of feedback from my constituents, I have made the decision that I will oppose authorizing the President to use military force in Syria. 

I am convinced that such action is not in our national security interest.  Military intervention would likely result in entangling the U.S. in a chaotic and complicated civil war with already 100,000 casualties, and a ruthless dictator on one side, and rebel groups that include al Qaeda and Islamic extremists on the other. President Bashar al Assad, who has killed thousands of his own people, last month used chemical weapons to kill another 1,400 civilians- a clear violation of international law.  

The objectives and effectiveness of a targeted military strike in Syria are unclear and uncertain.  I fear that weakening the Assad regime will result in weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of the rebels, such as al Qaeda and only make the situation in Syria worse.  Further, involvement by the US will not end the war 

With all the evidence at hand, it is not in our national interest to become embroiled in Syria’s messy civil war. While I strongly condemn Assad’s use of chemical weapons, I do not support a military intervention in Syria.  I will vote no on the resolution authorizing the President to use force in Syria.”