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Shuster Congratulates ABCD Corporation on $1.5 Million Grant

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster would like to congratulate the Altoona Blair County Development Corporation on being awarded a $1.5 million grant from the Economic Development Administration for use on the site development of South Blair County Business Park.

“This is great news for the ABCD Corporation and the South Blair County Business Park. It is critical to bring this kind of funding into the area to help our area businesses grow. This money will help to build the infrastructure we need to draw businesses into the area and grow our economy,” said Shuster.

“I want to express our gratitude to the Congressman and his staff, as well as the Economic Development Administration for their support.  This is a vital project to our organization because it provides us the ability to encourage investment and reinvestment in our community. We can create jobs by providing a development facility with shovel-ready sites that will allow the attraction of new business to the area and allow existing companies to expand in our community,” said Marty Marasco, President and CEO of ABCD Corporation.

The funds from the grant will be used to construct a 16” water main, fire hydrants and an 8” sewer main. It will provide for roadway and curb construction with the necessary erosion and sedimentation control. The grant will also provide the funds to build a storm water conveyance system and a storm water detention system.

Based on past projects of similar size and scope, ABCD Corp. expects the new park to generate four to six “shovel-ready” sites that will result in investments of $40-50 million and the creation of 200 new jobs.

“This type of project is exactly what our economy needs. It gives ABCD Corp. the tools and foundation it needs to attract new companies and bring in much needed jobs to the area,” Shuster added.