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Shuster Congratulates Tyrone Hospital on $423,000 ARC Grant

Washington – Congressman Bill Shuster would like to congratulate the Tyrone Hospital Health and Wellness Campus on being awarded a $423,315 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. The funds will go towards construction of approximately a quarter mile of roadway that serves as the main access road to Tyrone Hospital.

“This is great news for Tyrone Hospital and the people they help every day. Over 30,000 people use Hospital Drive every year and these improvements to the road will make their visits that much easier and safer,” said Shuster.

“This was a real collaborative effort with Snyder Township and the support we received from Congressman Shuster to rebuild a part of Tyrone Hospital and the access road which is critical to provide access to health care for residents of Tyrone and the Northern Blair County area. We continue to thank Congressman Shuster for his support of Tyrone Hospital and the needs of health care in the region,” said Tyrone Hospital CEO Stephen Gildea.

Snyder Township and Tyrone Hospital have also made donations to complete the funding for this project. The township is putting forward $52,500 and the hospital is contributing $77,500.

“These partnerships are how projects like this get done. When communities come together and the public and private sector work together, they can come up with solutions that benefit everyone,” said Shuster.

The Tyrone Hospital Health and Wellness Campus includes the Tyrone Hospital, a private, non-profit critical access facility, as well as 17 additional private medical offices scattered throughout five other buildings. Three hundred and two total employees travel Hospital Drive on a daily basis and there are approximately 30,000 visitors to the complex per year. Improving the condition of Hospital Drive will ensure that the access road is equipped to handle current traffic activity, as well as additional traffic that will come from further Campus development.

The project will include approximately 800 feet of mill and overlay improvements to the portion of Hospital Drive that is currently owned and maintained by Snyder Township, and an additional 400 feet of full depth construction from the end of the current Township road to Tyrone Hospital’s parking lot. The 400 feet requiring full construction is currently considered a hospital-owned driveway; once reconstructed to meet Township standards, Snyder Township will assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities. The 800 feet of mill and overlay includes a binder and wearing course at a width of 30 feet. The 400 feet of full depth construction includes excavation for the new roadway, sub-base, base course, and binder and wearing course also to a width of 30 feet.