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Shuster: Democrats Playing Misguided Games for Political Gain

Washington - Congressman Bill Shuster voted along with his House colleagues unanimously to ensure death benefits provided by the Department of Defense will continue to be paid out to the family members of our fallen service men and women.  The Department of Defense stopped paying the benefit, blaming the government shutdown.  The Pentagon’s lawyers ignored the recently passed Pay Our Military Act (POMA), which restored pay for our troops and was meant to include the death benefits. 

“President Obama and the Executive Branch have been playing misguided games for political gain during the government shutdown and now they are despicably playing games with the welfare of our troops and their families.

The House of Representatives intended to authorize death benefits under POMA passed last week to ensure continued pay during the government shutdown, but the Administration chose to misinterpret the law and has turned grieving families into political pawns.

The House has acted quickly to pass the Honoring the Families of Fallen Soldiers Acttoprovide the Pentagon with explicit authority to disperse these payments and make sure that faith is not lost by families whose loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice for out country.”