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Shuster Votes to Bring a Dose of Reality to the EPA

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Bill Shuster voted in favor of H.R. 3826, the Electricity Security and Affordability Act, a bill that reins in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and ties new regulations to realistically achievable standards. This legislation echoes Shuster’s own bill, H.R. 2916, the Domestic Energy Production Protection Act, which aims to stop EPA regulations that harm Pennsylvania’s energy producers.

“With each passing year, the EPA seems to drift further and further away from reality in the regulations they are producing,” said Shuster. “The new rules being proposed have no connection to what is realistically possible with today’s technology, and the result has been shuttered power plants and people without jobs. The president is using the EPA as his personal weapon in the war on coal, and it is hurting Pennsylvania businesses and families.”

The Electricity Security and Affordability Act states that any new EPA regulations proposed for commercial power plants be achievable with technology that is already in existence. Standards cannot be created based on new emissions reduction technology unless those methods have already been in use for a year on average. Congressman Shuster’s bill, H.R. 2916, the Domestic Energy Production Protection Act similarly targets EPA overregulation by requiring Congressional approval of any new EPA rules with an impact on domestic energy production.

“You cannot create new energy regulations based off a wish list of technology that does not exist. That is no way to govern, and it hurts our ability to produce energy here at home. I was proud to vote in favor of this bill, and I know that along with my Domestic Energy Production Protection Act, we are taking a concrete step towards bringing sanity to the EPA. I hope that the Senate will put politics aside and act immediately to pass this important legislation, so that we can keep America’s place as a global energy leader.”