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Marcellus Shale and Pennsylvania's Future

Pennsylvania's Shale Gas Wells

The Marcellus Shale, which underlies a vast majority of the state, is the largest unconventional natural gas reserve in the world. There is enormous economic potential for Pennsylvania to take advantage of this reserve as new drilling techniques have unlocked vast resources previously impossible to reach. 

Natural gas is a key energy resource in our quest to become more energy independent.  Just a few years ago, we thought domestic production of natural gas had peaked.  With the discovery of the enormous amount of shale gas underlying Pennsylvania and several other states, and the mastery of technology necessary to reach it, we have enough domestic gas reserves to last us over a century, allowing us to produce, not import a greater share of our energy needs.  

In order to harness and utilize this new technology, the industry cannot be bogged down by onerous federal regulations that will unnecessarily shut down production or duplicate state regulations. Pennsylvania has qualified experts at the Department of Environmental Protection to handle drilling permits, construction of wells, wastewater and water use, air pollutants, and all other activities associated with natural gas production. States, not federal regulators, are in the position to employ local knowledge and engage communities to effectively assess the economic benefits and manage any environmental concerns.

Marcellus Shale Jobs and Training Programs

Natural gas drilling activity has picked up in Pennsylvania, with numerous companies embarking on exploration and operations throughout the Marcellus. They bring with them job potential not only for those directly involved with drilling operations, but for other industries as well.  From steel to rail, other industries are already responding to the needs of the growing gas industry.  This is leading to more jobs and economic growth throughout the state.  

Many have recognized the job potential Marcellus Shale drilling brings to Pennsylvania, and trained workers are needed to support the booming industry.  It is important that these opportunities be available to all Pennsylvanians.