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House Action Stops Anti-Coal Regulation

WASHINGTON, DC- The House passed H.J. Res 38, disapproving the rule submitted by the Department of the Interior known as the Stream Protection Rule. This rule released by the Obama Administration on December 18, 2016, blocks mining within 100 feet of streams, and imposes new policies and regulations on companies attempting to mine the land. The House is using the Congressional Review Act to stop the rule.

“The Obama Administration left no stone unturned in the war on coal on their way out and this big government regulation would have accomplished exactly what they wanted it to do- it would have significantly weakened the coal industry,” said Congressman Shuster. “With President Trump now in the White House the days of a federal government that shuts out the coal mines when crafting regulations and doesn’t consider the drastic economic impacts that these rules have on our communities are over.”

This rule, which was released at the very end of President Obama’s term, would further increase the federal government’s footprint in our domestic energy industry and would effectively eliminate thousands of good paying jobs. It rewrites 400 regulations already on the books, and would significantly reduce the amount of mining done across the country. According to the National Coal Mining Association it would put off limits approximately 64 percent of our coal reserves.