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Pittsburgh International Airport Urges Passage of the 21st Century AIRR Act

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh International Airport CEO Christina Cassotis is urging members of Congress to support and pass H.R. 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act authored by U.S. Representative Bill Shuster (R-Hollidaysburg), which would institute commonsense reform at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and allow for a more modern, efficient aviation system for the American flying public.

In a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan dated July 17, 2017, Cassotis explains why Pittsburgh and other airports are urging action on the 21st Century AIRR Act.

“As written, a nonprofit, independent board designed to govern this system is an approach that can rectify the important issue of inadequate funding and aging technology,” wrote Cassotis. “With funding not tied to the burden of governmental gridlock year after year, the U.S. Air Traffic Control system will quickly become more stable and will realize enhanced efficiencies.”

Cassotis cited successes other countries have experienced through air traffic controlreform while the United States falls behind in the aviation industry as strong reasons to support H.R. 2997.

“The good news is that we know this nonprofit system works. Canada, Australia and many other developed nations have already taken this step with success. This country helped to pioneer the commercial aviation system, but unfortunately we are being left behind with old technology and a system that is stressed and rife with delays,” continued Cassotis.

“I am encouraging all members of Congress to listen to Cassotis’ call,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster. “A billion passengers, our constituents, will soon be flying our skies every year. This bill will stop Washington from wasting billions of tax dollars on failed modernization programs and give Americans the aviation system they deserve. This is not a partisan issue or a partisan bill, this is commonsense reform. The time to act—the time for real reform—is now.”

Pittsburgh International Airport made history this year as the first U.S. airport to be named Airport of the Year by Air Transport World magazine. You can read Cassotis’ full letter here.